Onyx & Rose CBD Oil Products

The Onyx & Rose Story

Onyx & Rose believes that natural, 100% organic, American-grown hemp has the power to help promote wellness and bring balance back to people’s lives.

But while we were exploring the ways we could bring the goodness of CBD to the world around us, we became painfully aware of how many CBD products weren’t being made the right way. The market is full of countless synthetic cannabinoids and cheap CBD oils contaminated with pesticides and heavy metals. The world deserves better.

Our mission is to make a positive, lasting and life-changing impact for our customers.

So we created the best CBD products on the market. We settle for nothing less than products made with the highest quality ingredients, all designed to help real people just like you.

Our sky-high standards apply to more than just the quality of our CBD products.

When it comes to selecting partners to help us bring our vision to life, we choose only companies who prioritize their customers and quality of ingredients. We make a point to partner with the country’s leading scientists, chemists, veterinarians, formulators and hemp experts. And when it comes to choosing our own in-house team, we hand-select visionaries, professional marketers and customer support experts who genuinely want to help you.

The end result of all our efforts is a brand we truly believe in. It’s the highest quality CBD products on the market. It’s a company that’s focused on an unwavering goal: to help people all over the world find wellness and extract more out of life.

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