Exciting changes are still happening

You may have recently noticed a few changes on the Splitting Hairs Salon website (such as the ability to book appointments online). Those changes are but a minor sign of things to come, as the salon is now under new ownership.

Old is the new “new”, as long-time familiar stylist, Martha “Navi” Ward, has become the owner of Splitting Hairs Salon.

The changes have already started to work their way from the virtual to the physical. The boutique is now a splendid memory and is home to stylists, where they work their magic. Not only will you see logistical alterations to the salon, but a number of major cosmetic changes are already in place (such as the new stations). Don’t worry, the same warm and friendly atmosphere will prevail, as Splitting Hairs Salon moves into a future filled with possibility.

If you have any questions about what’s in store, feel free to contact Navi via email or in person at the salon.

As always, thank you for your patience and patronage as we make this transition.