Ask the Stylist: Growing out hair

Q:  I’m trying to grow my hair out.  Why do I need a haircut?

A:  Even when your goal is to grow your hair longer, regular maintenance trims are still a good idea and should happen every 6-8 weeks.  Just a ¼ inch off the edges can make a huge difference in how the hair looks, feels, and behaves.  Unkempt ends can split, become fuzzy, and continue to unravel up the hair shaft, causing breakage, defeating the purpose of growing the hair longer.  Cleaning these edges up regularly can help to prevent this, and make the process less awkward.

Stephanie Wallen


Mountain biker, gardener, mother, knitter, gourmet cook.

Stephanie first began working in the cosmetology industry in the 90’s, but as life does sometimes, it put her on an alternate path for a season. She spent many successful years in the health and fitness field as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, founded a local women’s cycling  team, worked as a vegan baker, and even dabbled a bit in the bike racing scene.

Stephanie counts raising her three children among her greatest success and accomplishments.  Returning to the cosmetology industry has been a continuation of doing what she’s always loved and strived to do…to make others feel good about themselves.